Flowers for Jeanne

“First things first.” My grandmother used to say that at the beginning of the day. It meant arranging a bouquet of flowers for the house. While some people start their day with coffee or the news or hitting the snooze, Jeanne started her day with flowers.

I share my grandmother’s love of flowers and floral arrangement—just not of the organic variety. I prefer mine to be made of paper. The tiny, sculptural roses, peonies, and daisies in my collages are one of my favorite and most challenging aspects of my work. If she were alive today, I think she’d gasp with delight over them.

I recently decided to dedicate an entire body of work to my grandmother: Flowers for Jeanne. These bouquet collages combine my passion for creating paper flowers with my love for my grandmother and gives me the opportunity to support a cause dear to my heart, to end Alzheimer’s Disease.

Several years ago, Jeanne passed away from this memory-robbing illness. While Flowers for Jeanne celebrates my grandmother, I also hope it helps find a cure for a terrible disease. For every bouquet sold, I will donate 2% of the sale to The Alzheimer’s Association.

2% for the alzheimer’s association

In 2018, we’ve raised (so far)


Thank you to all who’ve supported me and my efforts to end Alzheimer’s.

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Custom Bouquets

I accept requests to create custom bouquets. Visit the Bazaar for more information.

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Bouquet No. 2

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